Our services and pricing are regularly updated. Please contact us for special quote and special deals.

Studio Rules

  • 5 people max
  • Be on time for your session
  • Put your phone on silence
  • No smoking of any kind inside the studio
  • No beverages near the hardware
  • Smoke break @ the back alley
  • Clean after yourself
  • Be respectful to others around you
  • Leave your ego at the door
  • If you do not show up there is no refund


Hourly rate for all types of recording. You can choose to book studio time with or without engineer/producer. We have package deals for 3h and/or daily deals.

  • Recording, mixing, mastering


    Our professional sound engineer and producer May Grey Jr. will work with you and produce world class tracks. Great choices of modern equipment, mics, sound effects and beats at your disposal.

  • Sound mix with 1 revision


    We will mix your song and make it ready for the mastering. Balanced instruments, beats and low end is what you need in order for your track to sound world class.

  • Quick mastering


    This service is offered for a quick mastering pass on the track that is previously mixed and balanced. If you are working on a budget this service is great to have use.

  • Daily booking


    Book a studio time for the whole day with or without engineer/producer.

  • Catalog beats


    Choose from the huge selection of ready to go beats. Our catalog has tasty beats that will surely inspire your next hit!

  • Music video


    Need a music video? We got you covered. Work will industry professional and get your music video done in no-time.

  • Art cover


    When releasing your music you will need an Art cover. We have an Art Graphic Designer that will create an amazing design for your music cover. One revision included.

  • Need extra revision


    If you want another revision done on your track we can do it for additional cost.

SIN Inc Sound Professional Recording Studio