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Recording Studio SIN INC Sound

SININC Sound is a new recording studio in the heart of East Vancouver. Our studio is part of the Media Management company created and founded by Mr. Carlos Herbst who is the CEO, President and Executive Producer of the Corporation. SIN (Strength In Numbers) includes industry professionals from Music, Fashion, Cosmetics and Arts backgrounds. We are driven by our passion and our dreams. Anything is possible with dedication and hard work.
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Luis Cam


Hourly rate for all types of recording. You can choose to book studio time with or without engineer/producer. We have package deals for 3h and/or daily deals.

  • Recording, mixing, mastering


    Our professional sound engineer and producer May Grey Jr. will work with you and produce world class tracks. Great choices of modern equipment, mics, sound effects and beats at your disposal.

  • Sound mix with 1 revision


    We will mix your song and make it ready for the mastering. Balanced instruments, beats and low end is what you need in order for your track to sound world class.

  • Quick mastering


    This service is offered for a quick mastering pass on the track that is previously mixed and balanced. If you are working on a budget this service is great to have use.

  • Daily booking


    Book a studio time for the whole day with or without engineer/producer.

  • Catalog beats


    Choose from the huge selection of ready to go beats. Our catalog has tasty beats that will surely inspire your next hit!

  • Music video


    Need a music video? We got you covered. Work will industry professional and get your music video done in no-time.

  • Art cover


    When releasing your music you will need an Art cover. We have an Art Graphic Designer that will create an amazing design for your music cover. One revision included.

  • Need extra revision


    If you want another revision done on your track we can do it for additional cost.

Our Story Our Vision Our Dreams

Our Story

Mid 2021 our founder Carlos Herbst met Luis Cam through a mutual friend. They both shared the same view on art and music in particular. Soon after Carlos asked Luis if he would be interested in working for him. This is when the SIN INC Sound Media Management company was born.

Carlos Herbst

Music and creativity have always been an important part of Carlos life and he's been surrounded by musicians and artistic personalities for as long as he can remember. Founder, President and Executive Producer SIN INC Sound, EastVanTM, Serf to Surf.

Luis Cam

Luis started his professional career in Peru where he shared the stage and studio with some of the greatest artists of the South America Hip-Hop and R&N music scene. Now working in Vancouver, great addition to SIN INC Sound. Vice President, Recording Artist, Mastering Engineer

Our Studio & Gear

SIN INC Sound has modern equipment ranging from Mics, instruments amplifiers, Guitars, Keyboards, pre-amps, huge sort of plugins and catalog beats.


Recording Console

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6: Optimised second-generation technology. 2 great-sounding Scarlett mic preamps with generous even gain. 2 reengineered instrument inputs accommodate the hottest pickups. Smart I/O configuration for small-format recording. 2 front-panel mic/instrument combo jacks; 2 rear-panel line inputs.


Headphones & Speakers

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBB: Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers KRK Rokit 5: These self-powered speakers are very good with accurate smooth sound and work well for mixing.


Mics Selection

RODE NT1-A Condenser Microphone: Acoustic Principle: Externally polarised 1" condenser with gold-plated membrane. Active Electronics: JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer. Pickup Pattern: Cardioid. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz.